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Meet Our Donors

We thank all our planned-gift donors for their generous support. Here are some of their stories.

Steve and Nancy Westphal

“I asked that my donation be allocated to the Memory Disorders Center at St. Anthony’s Hospital because I am well aware of the effects Alzheimer’s can have, not only on the patient, but on their family as well. I believe that with proper research and funding, we can search out the cure for this debilitating disease. I have direct links to family members with the affliction, and concern for the health and well-being of caregivers as well. We can all strive to find the cause and the cure, and I am humble to be part of the process. Please know that we are here to help in any way we can.”


Steve Westphal Owner,

David Meehan

“My relationship with St. Anthony’s began 60 years ago with my mother taking great pride as a registered nurse in charge of obstetrics. This relationship turned into my lifeline after all three of my children were born at St. Anthony’s. The level of care this faith-based hospital provides has deeply impressed me, and in turn, this lifeline has evolved into a passion of mine. The Sisters of Allegany have a way of making you feel like family. Because the sentiment of this rare network is contagious, I found myself wanting more. As a hospital board member, I can honestly say I leave meetings feeling enriched and very proud of my involvement with St. Anthony’s. The services this organization provides will exceed your expectations, but the outreach programs stretch far beyond the hospital walls and into the heart of St. Petersburg. This is why I am here today — I get to belong to something so much larger than myself.”


David Meehan St. Anthony’s Hospital Board Member

Major General and Mrs. Schoeppner

“St. Anthony’s team effort to provide compassionate care to their patients and to our community has earned our support. As patients, we personally were blessed by the team’s embodiment of St. Anthony’s values. All members demonstrated compassion and consistently treated us, and our family, with trust, respect and dignity. As concerned community members, we appreciate St. Anthony’s outreach to the most vulnerable amongst us. Inspired by their respect for every individual’s dignity and worth, they are engaged in their mission of providing medical assistance to the frail homeless in the medical respite program of Pinellas Hope. We are pleased to have the opportunity to continue to support the Foundation.”


John and Martha Schoeppner St. Anthony’s Hospital Foundation Donors

James and Charlotte Krizek

James and Charlotte Krizek included St. Anthony's Hospital in their estate plans by making a bequest in their Last Will and Testament because of their positive experience with the medical attention received. They are impressed with the analytical and medical expertise of the physicians associated with St. Anthony's and the sound management of the hospital overall. What really impressed them both is the commitment to minimally invasive technology and services. "Jim and I are in a position to help the hospital and feel that our estate gift is a good investment in the health of our community,” says Charlotte.

Jack and Janet MaCris

The late Jack MaCris, M.D. arranged for a charitable gift annuity in the name of his wife, Janet. In his own words, Dr. MaCris explained his rationale for making this planned gift to St. Anthony’s Hospital. "Having spent most of my 34 years of professional life practicing surgery at St. Anthony's Hospital, I developed an affection and dedication to its commitment to serving the health care needs of the community in the best way possible. In my practice, I looked upon St. Anthony's as a partner in caring for my patients. The Sisters, the dedicated professional and lay staffs and the facilities were vital in providing quality care. Over the years, it became apparent that the primary limiting factor against St. Anthony's Hospital doing more was financial. Therefore, it is a pleasure and a privilege for Janet, my wife, and I to contribute to helping St. Anthony's continues its presence in our community.”

Dr. MaCris passed away in August 2014, leaving behind a valuable legacy of his love for and dedication to St. Anthony’s Hospital. In the meantime, Janet MaCris, his widow, continues to receive an income stream for life paid from the annuity and important tax benefits as well.

Glenn and Louise Dobos

"Making a substantive gift to charity was on our bucket list and we chose St. Anthony's Hospital because of their mission, values and excellent care."

Glenn and Louise fulfilled one of the items on their bucket list with a very generous gift to St. Anthony's Hospital in the form of a charitable gift annuity. They did something of lasting value for their community and are rewarded with an annuity payment at a rate no bank can touch.

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